Babbs Gone Wild

Members will have the chance to get funky as Babbs embarks on what will hopefully be the only the first in a series of club brews that will be aged in a wine barrel kindly sourced by Ian Watson from the Witches Chase Winery.
22 members will brew the same recipe which will be kegged and then blended into the barrel. It will then be inoculated with a culture, most likely Roselare in the first phase, and later topped up and then bottled.
Some of the beer will remain in the barrel to form the start of another batch.
The club has supplied the ingredients, supplied at cost from the folks at Craftbrewer, and Ian has sourced some yeast from MT Brewery.
The intention is to have the first run of bottled presented at the end of the year, but this is new territory for us as a club so the project may change and evolve over time. Stay posted!
Recipe Details
Batch: 20L
Efficiency: 75%
Pilsner 4kg 45.7%
Vienna 3.5 Kg 40%
Aromatic 0.5Kg 5.7%
Special B 0.25kg 2.9%
Brown Sugar 0.5kg 5.7%
Single Infusion Mash @65C
Nelson Sauvin 11.5% AA 10gm @60mins (approx 15 BU)
Yeast: WY3787 Trappist High Gravity
Boil Time: 2hrs
Ferment: 18C rising up 22-24 after first 2 days
Intended OG: 1.104
Intended FG: 1.020
Intended ABV: 10%, after it’s finished getting funky