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Babbs Gone Wild

Members will have the chance to get funky as Babbs embarks on what will hopefully be the only the first in a series of club brews that will be aged in a wine barrel kindly sourced by Ian Watson from the Witches Chase Winery.
22 members will brew the same recipe which will be kegged and then blended into the barrel. It will then be inoculated with a culture, most likely Roselare in the first phase, and later topped up and then bottled.
Some of the beer will remain in the barrel to form the start of another batch.

2010 Events Summary


MEETINGS: Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month, except December, at the Lyndon Bowls Club, 47
Galsworthy St Holland Park 4121, starting at 7:30pm.

NOTE: Months with five Thursdays are marked with an asterisk (*).

January 28th Mash Paddle competition briefing:- The BABB's specialty beer style will be nominated by a local brewery. Beers
will be judged by BABB's members at the July mini-comp and by the brewery at the BABB's Annual Competition.
To ensure that we are all well-armed with knowledge of this style before we brew our beers for the mini-comp in
July, there will be a discussion and Q&A on style guidelines, recipe formulation and brewing techniques.

February 25th Mini Comp No. 1:- Pale Ale and Bitter. At time of entry, beer must be nominated into BABB's beer classes 3a

Brew Day at Eagle Heights Brewery

Frank (Head Brewer) & the BABBs Crew will be brewing 500L of an English Best Bitter in the style of Timothy Taylor Landlord Bitter at Eagle Heights Brewery, 10 Macdonnell Rd, Eagle Heights. Mash in will be 9am. 
Plenty of great beers on tap & BBQ lunch will be provided for those interested. $25 for Steak, $18 for Chicken/chops, $10 for kids. 

Kolsch Beir

Article on Kolsch for a club mini-comp.

Kolsch Recipes

Collection of Kolsch recipes for a club mini-comp.

In Praise of Dried Yeasts

Article by Colin Weaver on the improvements in dried yeasts.

Yeast Culturing

Article by Stephen Elgy on culturing yeast.

Water Chemistry For Dummies talk

Talk by Colin Weaver, September 2004

Partial Mash Talk April 2003

Talk by Colin Weaver on partial mashing from the April meeting, 2003.

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